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Courses Offered


Sr.No Subject Theory Practical Remark
1 English Yes No Common for all subjects
2 Hindi Yes No Common for all subjects
3 General Foundation Course Yes No Common for all subjects
4 Paper-1 Yes Yes Respective Subject
5 Paper-2 Yes Yes Respective Subject
6 Paper-3 Yes Yes Respective Subject
7 Environmental Studies Yes Yes Common for all subjects
8 Physical Education Yes Yes Common for all subjects

After passing H.S.C. Vocational a candidate can?

1. Join for Apprenticeship training in concerned trade.
2. Start Self-Business in concerned field.
3. Join for Degree in B.A. or B.Com. Or B.M.S. or B.M.M.
4. Passing H.S.C. Vocational in Computer Technology gives eligibility for direct admission in B.sc. Computer Science or BCA.
5. Passing H.S.C. Vocational in Medical Laboratory Technician gives eligibility for direct admission in B.sc Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology.


The Vocational Course in Computer Technology helps the student:-
1. To acquire knowledge about operation of Computer, Networking & Software Packages.
2. To acquire skills in Computer Operating
3. To acquire skills in sales & marketing of Computer system & peripherals.
4. To get familiarized with internet
5. To get familiarized with different Computer networking applications.
6. To handle & use the database.

I Office Automation
II Desktop Publishing
III Hardware and Engineering

Std. XII:-
I Web Page Designing
II Database System
III Multimedia and Animation.

1. Data Entry Operator
2. DTP Operator
3. Hardware and Networking Technician
4. Assistance of Database Administrator
5. Web Designer
6. Animator

2. Medical Laboratory Technician

Diagnostics play prominent role in the field of Medicine. Without proper diagnosis conclusions regarding Medical treatment cannot be given. Thus Medical Lab Technician Course is gaining importance. This course is designed to train manpower to carry out medical laboratory technical work in various department in medical and pharmacy colleges, peripheral laboratories, research and diagnostic centers, etc.

The healthcare industry is always changing, so as the Laboratory Medicine. The aid manual methods used before are replaced by modern technologies. Automation has become an integral part of every laboratory. The diseases which were common before are obsolete now. At the same time many new diseases are emerging. There are new pieces of equipment or new tests to deliver better care. Hence the course is designed with the syllabus so as to make the students knowledgeable and efficient to work in the advanced laboratories.

I. Anatomy and Physiology
II. Laboratory Management and Ethics
III. Microbiology

I. Clinical Pathology, Heamatology and Blood Bank.
II. Histotechnology
III. Clinical Biochemistry

Wages Employment
1. Lab technician in Biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, blood banking department.
2. Lab Assistant in Municipal hospitals.
3. Lab technician in home science teaching college laboratory.
4. Lab technician /lab assistant in Dental college, Pharmacy college, Veterinary college, Fisheries college,
5. Laboratory technician in primary health center.
6. Laboratory technician in district hospitals.
7. Laboratory technician in private hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic labs.
8. Technician in various firms manufacturing vaccines, antisera and diagnostic kits.
9. Technician in dairy industries
10. Technician in Municipal water labs.
11. Technician in Pharmaceutical labs.

Self Employment :
1. Diagnostic laboratory / collection center after completing govt. norms.
2. Preparation and sale of ready-made reagents/kit/media.
3. Distributors of laboratory chemicals.
4. Distributor of laboratory wares, equipment and spare parts.

3. Accounting & Financial Office Management

Accounting & Auditing is a specialized subject under Commerce stream which equips the students with accounting, auditing and Cost accounting knowledge. Accounting procedures followed in various organizations and their auditing systems give clear insight in the field of financial management.

Std. XI:-
I Office Management and Organization
II Fundamentals of Accounting
III Fundamentals of Costing and Auditing

Std. XII:-
I Office Motivation
II Advanced Financial Accounting
III Advanced Costing and Auditing

A) Wages Employment (Manual and Computer Based)
1) Account Clerk/Assistant
2) Cashier/ Cash Clerk/ Cash Counter Clerk
3) Cost Clerk/Cost Assistant
4) Book Keeper
5) Ledger Keeper/Ledger Clerk
6) Audit Clerk / Audit Assistant
7) Office Clerk / Office Assistant
8) Office Secretary
9) Office Clerk cum Cashier
10) Store Keeper
11) Personal Assistant
12) Computer Operator
13) Receptionist

B) SELF EMPLOYMENTS (Manual / Computer Based )
After completion of this course and completion of one year apprenticeship training, candidates should be licensed as. ’Certified Book Keeper’ if they have successfully completed one month advanced tally course & MS-CIT course, which would enable him to practice book keeping work independently & can undertake accounting jobs independently as mentioned in wage-employment and setting up of office service institute , computer service institute setting up of office accounting bureau.