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Academic Planning, Examinations and Results

Assessment of B Ed HI is credit based grading system.

Two semester end exams are held during the academic year. These exams are held by Mumbai University at various centres. Marks obtained by the candidates in internal assessment and in practical work are sent to MU prior to the semester end exam. A consolidated mark list of theory and practical as well as internal and external marks is generated and given by MU. Grading system including pass/fail status is given in detail in the syllabus. Grace mark rules of MU are applicable for the program.

F Y B Ed (Special Education HI) 2015-16

Date Day Subject ( in Ankoor Center) Time
29/2/16 Monday A3 Learning ,Teaching and Assessment 9.15-9.45 am
2/3/16 Wednesday C13 Curriculum 9.15-9.45 am
3/3/16 Thursday B6 Inclusive Education 9.15-9.45 am
4/3/16 Friday A5 Pedagogy of Teaching 9.15-9.45 am
5/3/16 Saturday A4 Pedagogy of Teaching 9.15-9.45 am