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Preparing for Formal Education

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While planning syllabus, emphasis has been given on developing language, developing listening and reading skills and also developing the art of lip reading.

Experience has proved that the child can express his feelings and opinions effectively through conversation. We encourage children to bring their experiences from home which are shared in the form of conversation or passages. On these topics floated through news and conversation, the teacher plans further activities like directed activities, visits, teacher told stories etc.

While teaching these activities the teacher always keeps in mind the textual language , concepts of maths- science & geography, development of auditory and reading –writing skills, grammar.

Stories, visits and other activities are planned to introduce difficult concepts.

Care is taken that by the time the student starts handling text-book he is comfortable and familiar with the textual language.

Each student is individually evaluated from time to time.

The student takes about 4 to 5 years for the above readiness. As soon as he is ready further schedule is planned.

Primary and Secondary Education

Navneet Publication: We have been using e-sense software from Navneet publication since last 5 years. It has been proved very helpful for the students to understand the basic and difficult concepts. This software covers all the subjects.

Marathi Vidnyan Parishad: We get the extra help from MVP to teach science subject and the difficult concepts in science. Volunteers from MVP arrange the lecturers and experiment sessions in our school specially for Std.Vth and Xth.

V-shesh classes: V-shesh Education Programme helps to develop English language skills. Children are taught through sign language and interactive learning process. This programme is basically for the students of Std. Vth to Std. Xth classes are organized for students of Xth (after school hour).

AAS: We have started AAS programme since 2015 for developing language skills of our children. This programmeis carried out after school hours for the students of Balvarg till 4th Std.

To make the formal education effective, we use

  • Visual Aids
  • Software based Teaching Aids
  • Immersive Experience using modern techniques
  • Hands-on-experience

Along with the academics, our students are also exposed to Indian culture. Most of the festivals & ceremonies of all the religions are celebrated in our school which helps to develop national integration among the students.

Curricular Activities

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  • Classes from pre-primary to SSC in Marathi and Hindi medium
  • Maharashtra state board curriculum from Std. I to Std. X
  • Introduction of English as a second language from pre-primary classes.
  • Preparation of students to appear for matriculation exams with training in special subjects offered for SWHI.
  • Special efforts taken to encourage students to appear for matriculation exams without any special concessions
  • CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) introduced from Std.5th to Std 8th- onwards.

Co-curricular Activities and Extra Curricular Activities

  • Performing arts- Dance and drama.
  • Music
  • Drawing, painting, fine arts
  • Sports
  • Yoga
  • Scout & Guide Training

We are one of the few special schools in Mumbai, having index number for secondary education from the Education Department, Govt. of Maharashtra.


  • RTT School is affiliated to SSC board and Vocational board, Government of Maharashtra.
  • Few Courses are recognized by the Vocational Board of Education, Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Courses affiliated to Jana Shikshan Sansthan are conducted at Anil Asrani Vocational Training Institute