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Other Activities

Parent Teacher Association

Parents, an integral part and equal partners in the education of child with hearing impairment, meet regularly for the overall development of the child. The communication and co-ordination between parents and teachers brings better results in the learning process of students. Keeping this in mind, many workshops are conducted for parents and teachers.

Teaching Material Development

Parent Empowerment

Programs like, ‘Mother training program”, “Parent sensitization program” are conducted every year to make parents aware of different spheres of education of students with hearing impairment, and understanding of their child in a better way.

Miracles can happen if parent support their child. An example of a cycle that works smoothly on two wheels, is very true in the progress of Hearing Handicapped child. Here, if one wheel is the teacher, other wheel is definitely the parent who is with the child for more than 20 hours in a day. At different levels, parents are guided and counseled time to time for-

  • Their role in overall personality of the child.
  • Psychological needs of the parents as well as their child.
  • Home atmosphere & relationship of the child with other family member.
  • Guidance to teach at primary level.
  • Sessions for parents about future educational planning of their child.
  • Sessions for rehabilitation of their child to become self-reliant.

Many programs are conducted to fulfill the above objectives:-

  • Mother training program
  • Parent sensitization program
  • Parenting Workshop
  • Family Life Education
  • Career Guidance Programme

Social Awareness

Many awareness programs are conducted in the different areas of society to generate awareness of disability among general public (e.g. schools, institutions, companies, malls etc.)

  • Sensitization programs for the teachers of regular school set-up
  • Awareness programs like dances, flash mobs, etc at public places like malls, institutes, regular schools, colleges, etc
  • Sensitization programs for anganwadi teachers, teachers from NGOs like‘Pratham’
  • Lectures regarding hearing impairment at various organizations, institutes, companies, clubs, etc.

Alumni Association

  • Alumini Association of our school conducts various programmes such as job fair , workshop on interview skills etc..
  • Ex-student meet is held in school once in 2yrs, where they get an opportunity to be together and share their experiences

Extension Services

We extend the services of our professional team to general public as well, especially geriatric and pediatric population residing in and around Chembur.

Audiological Services

  • Audiological services are also extended to the general public after school working hours
  • Hearing assessment (audiometry) ,hearing aid trials are available at concessional rates for children as well as adults.

Psychological Services

Ear Mould and Hearing Aid Repair Centre

ar moulds, Hearing aid accessories like (batteries, cords etc) and hearing aid repairs are also available for general public at concessional rates.

Apang Sallha Kendra