The Team

THE team....diverse in expertise and unified in the mission!

Dr. Gayatri Sirur

Associate Professor
(Audiology and Speech)

Decoding Audiology and speech science for the young students of special education has been her profession and passion. With a strong research-based wisdom into early intervention she parents her brain child - CAAI (Centre for Audiological Assessment and Intervention) making neonatal screening a reality for the underserved local population. When not ropewalking admissions, examinations and curriculum transactions, you will find Gayatri surrounded either by students or families of babies with hearing losses.

Dr. Amit Mishal

Associate Professor

A proud and an intended misfit in the team of special educators, he is the cool guy constantly cutting off irrelevant to focus the relevant. ‘IGNORE in order to FOCUS’ is the lens policy! Too prompt to be true at the work. The man has the mission of creating ‘skilled humans’ (as against ‘learned non-humans’); his passion for life skill development therefore is no surprise. When nothing at hand, he publishes articles!

Dr. Sandhya Pagare


If you think technology is the barrier to conventional reading experience, meet Sandhya who blends reading experience with technology. E-resources, Web searching, search strategies are her interest areas. Being a solo librarian, she rules the resources and knowledge bank of the college with a creative touch. When life gives little more space, she intends to resume crafting poems. Right now, post Ph D academic upgradation is the top priority.

Ms. Nisha Kutty

Assistance Professor
(Special Education
Learning Disability)

A rather uncommon but relevant mix bag of psychology and education of neurodiverse population, Nisha strikes emotional equilibrium at home and at the workplace with her mission of making learning fun and applicable. She believes in building long lasting relationships with people and environment, her current romance with her Ph D topic is no exception. She spells 'challenge' as g-r-o-w-t-h.

Ms. Poonam Mishra

Assistance Professor
(Special Education
Intellectual Disability)

With a passionate expertise in intellectual disability and a wide range of experiences into special education, Poonam believes in managing life in a rather organized way. Peace and equity are the guiding forces with the willingness to dive deep. Dance and music are waitlisted by her currently thanks to her self-chosen demanding professional commitments including the Ph D research.

Mr. Amol Salvi

Jr. Clerk

With a constant juggler for time among never ending administrative, accounting and strategic responsibilities, Amol wishes to write a book on ‘how to get work done in public sector’. His love for music and extended family keep him going. When not working, you will find him… well, you will not find him!

Mr. Dattaram Warve


Street smartness personified, Dattabhau is a true manager – managing people, work and targets at college. This true father at home and a father figure for students at college considers problem solving as his favourite pastime. Playing harmonium, plumbing, carpentry, painting – the man is a complete survival package.