Developing a nation is synonymous to developing classroom teachers. With this philosophical base CCYM's Hashu Advani College of Special Education ( has been undertaking various activities related to human resource development in the field of special education for more than 2 decades. The prime focus of the activities of the college is empowering / creating a taskforce of human resource for children with diverse needs - disability.

Our Vision

In order to move towards a right based, inclusive and diversity friendly society, CCYM's Hashu Advani College of Special Education remains committed to develop and empower the human resource in the field of special education which would facilitate need based and blissful education in special, inclusive and open systems.

Our Mission

Our Objectives

Our Values

  • To consciously raise the quality bar keeping our activities and outcomes in tune with values of our regulatory agencies and forces: CCYM, RCI, UoM, UGC, Higher Education - GoM, alumni and employment market Non discriminatory and diversity friendly work environment,
  • Professionalism, professional ethics and respecting all options of problem solving and pro active initiation.
  • Internal and external collaboration as against competition in fulfilling objectives. Running together always matters, running faster may not.
  • Lifelong learning and reflecting as a response to internal and external feedback towards being better professional, better human being.

About The Programs Offered (Long term)

  • 2 year / 4 semester programs,
  • Admission through Maharashtra CET (common Entrance Test)
  • Medium : English and Marathi
  • For admission : Contact college between January to April every year

1. B.Ed (Special Education - Hearing Impairment) (since 1997)
2. B Ed (Special Education - Learning Disability) (since 2016)

B Ed CET Schedule 2022

Managed By

Chembur Colony Yuvak Mandal (CCYM)

Affiliated To

University of Mumbai

Recognizd By

Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)

Accredited By

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

Aided By

Dept of Higher Education, Govt of Maharashtra

Approved By

University Grant Commission (UGC)

Student Scholarships By

Ministry of Social Justice, Govt of Maharashtra

Our USPs

  • Free support while appearing for CET,
  • Campus recruitment opportunity,
  • Excellent student teacher ratio and hand held grooming,
  • Quality learning experiences,
  • Well connected to central / western / Harbor lines in Mumbai,
  • Multi cultural / multi lingual professional environment,
  • Experienced and qualified faculty,
  • Internship / practical work in best schools closer to your residence.

Other Services Offered

  • CREs: RCI recognized Short term In-service training programs for special teachers
  • Aayam: Campus recruitment and placement services to students and Alumni
  • AAHA: Alumni association of HACSE
  • Arushi: Annual report and newsletter
  • Adhikar: Family empowerment certificate program for family members of CWHI
  • Aabhasi: Value added certificate course on online teaching Learning
  • Aao Baat Kare: Value added certificate course on "getting better at conversations (online mode)
  • Aarambha: Certificate course on disability orientation and inclusion for mainstream teachers
  • Anubhootee: State level conference for special teachers
  • AAS: Additional Academic support to students with special needs

Proactive Disclosures

CCYM's HACSE, one of the RCI recognized colleges makes following Proactive Disclosures under Section 4 (1) (b) of RTI, 2005 as per the guidelines provided by the Department of Revenue and Department of Higher Education.

  • Organizations’ details, functions and duties have been given on the website Following documents can be accessed at college office on any working day between 11.00 to 1.00 with prior appointment.
  • Powers and duties
  • Decision making, supervision, accessibility
  • Normas for discharge of functioning
  • Rules, regulations, instructions and manuals
  • Categories of the documents
  • Arrangements for consultation
  • Boards, councils and committees
  • Directory of officers and employees
  • Monthly remuneration
  • Budget, expenditure and disbursement
  • Execution of subsidy programs
  • Recipients of concessions
  • Above said information in a reduced electronic form
  • Particulars of obtaining information
  • Details of PIO
  • Other related information

Arushi Annual Report

Click here to download Arushi Report.