I enrolled in HACSE in the academic year 2003-04. B Ed special education was a one year program then. That one academic year changed my life 180 degree. I owe it to HACSE to be where I am today. I completed my PhD in special education and now guide Ph D students. I feel, the stronger your foundation, the higher the levels you can achieve, and I am extremely glad to say that my foundation was established at HACSE. HACSE, is a family cum college giving you best of the both.

If you are looking for a well-placed fulfilling career, special education is the way forward. New avenues are opening up in the job market and young graduates must take the benefit of it. Discover the secrets of STANDING OUT at HACSE and get ready for a wonderful salary that matches your calibre.

Dr Kishor H Mane

Assistant Professor in Special Education, Banaras Hindu University, Varanas

Priyanka Surosh

Inclusion Head, The Alpha School, Dubai

B Ed in special education not only allows you to teach special children but also mainstream kids. Many of us may think that B.Ed in special education deals only with special needs but that’s not true. While doing this course, you will get hands on experience teaching mainstream students too. The schools that HACSE places you into, during your internship period are excellent schools. And that includes special as well as mainstream schools. Once you graduate, it is your decision whether you want to continue catering exclusively to the special students or move on to mainstream education. So, B.Ed in Special education helps YOU GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

I am proud to say that I was a student of HACSE and lucky to have been taught by some of the amazing teachers. Not only are they skillful but also compassionate. Your queries about anything- may it be related to academics, career, placements, personal it will be addressed quickly. They will be there to help you until your last day at HACSE and yes, even after that.

Pranoti Durve

Language Instructor at Heart Corporation, Japan

Jitendra Jagawat

Special Educator, CRCC, CITY Academy, Mumbai

ACSE was a life changing positive experience that gave me confidence forever. Starting from selection of courses, tasks and internship - all the faculty members were very supportive. In order to get us good exposure and nice workable environment they had selected and collaborated with the best appropriate organizations across the globe. Here, the feedback system is very strong. They guided us for where we went wrong and they polished our teaching practices and attitude.

I am thankful to all the teachers and the staff who helped me before, during and after the B Ed. HACSE faculty and the principal rock!

KhushboO Shah

Independent Coach, Mumbai

Hashu Advani College of Special Education has been an pivotal change maker in my life. I have learnt important values like patience and tolerance from my college. They have taught me best practices in the field of inclusive education – Yes, special education is not just about children with disabilities. The love and belongingness that they share is something I always carry in my heart and it has passed on to my students. I'm grateful for the resources that they shared with us which makes me more confident as a special educator.

Joining HACSE was my best decision since the support simply continues even after the completion of B Ed.

Rachel Fanandese

Independent Remedial Coach, Mumbai

Vinita Khedekar

Free Lance special Educator, Mumbai

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to enroll for B Ed special education at Hashu Advani College of Special Education (HACSE). The education, Knowledge, personality building opportunities, exposure to the academic world – you name it and it was a part of the learning here. Teachers with fabulous teaching skills ( not exaggerating) led to a lot more then a B Ed degree. Words cannot describe what I received here. All the teachers especially Prof. Gayatri Sirur (“Mom cum Ma’am”) and the best guide, best mentor Principal Dr. Asmita Huddar never lose chance to motivate students.

If you want to see and experience the best real life example of INCLUSION, do not think twice – appear for MAHA CET and join HACSE. I am gratefully indebted and fortunate that the college facilitated me and my batchmates for the best ever sign Language training through state of the art Sign Language users and Deaf trainers. HACSE gives everything, which makes you a rising shining star in the field of education and inclusion. I really cannot payback in anyway but will always be grateful.

Ansari Rubina Matiurrahman

Indian Sign Language enthusiast exploring higher education opportunities

Dear Graduates,

Its time to look at special education as a career option! Through my experience at HACSE, I can reliably say that the faculty here are efficient to make you skilled in your performance as a special educator. HACSE takes you far beyond syllabus - events, educational tour, conferences, subject seminars, competitions, field work and above all campus recruitment, every step pushes you towards a fulfilling career.

During the program, you are placed in various schools for internship for actual hands-on experience which makes you job ready. The staff is supportive right from the beginning of guiding you for appearing for CET up to placing you in schools for jobs as you finish the course. Choosing HACSE for my B. Ed in Special education was one of the best choices. Have you made yours?

Shraddha Shirke

Teacher Trainer, British Learning Company, Mumbai

Sweta Chatterjee

Special Educator, Don Bosco International School, Mumbai

Hashu Advani College of Special Education is a place which is very close to my heart. HACSE is like a small family. The faculty and all the people working there are extremely concerned about all students and provide full support.

As I was getting back to studies after a long break I was definitely nervous. Salvi sir was so patient and answered all my questions. This definitely helped calm my nerves and I was sure that I have taken the right decision.

Also, my whole family was admitted to the hospital with covid. I was finding it very difficult to focus but the motivation given by Ms Poonam Mishra (PM mam) helped me successfully complete all my lessons.

During the 2 years the support I have received from everyone is immense and these are just two small examples. I strongly believe that while everyone at HACSE is extremely learned and I got to learn a lot from each of them, this quality of consideration for others is what gives it the college an extra edge.

Rajalakshmi Vignesh

Free Lance Special Educator, Mumbaii

I am grateful to the faculty of HACSE who had been co-operative and supportive right from the admission procedure, solving all my queries patiently and making sure documents were uploaded before the deadline. They guided me through every step later as well. Later, my experience of the years spent in the college is also the one I will remember fondly. Although we've been the batch that majorly functioned online, the professors continued to put in their best efforts thus, making lectures interesting and relevant. Being a complete fresher in the field of special education when I joined the college, I was worried and hesitant. I can now confidently say that the college equipped me by imparting a wide amount of knowledge about the different disabilities. I learnt about inclusion and how to practice it. I look forward to putting these learning's into practice.

Joella Jhonas

Special Educator, Neev – Bethany Hospital, Mumbai

Hemisha Mehta

Special Educator, Little Heart Learning Centre, Mumbai

Nakul Bharmal

Special Educator, RTT High school, Mumbai

The name HACSE takes me back to the admission process. How confused and how clueless I was about my career. I entered the program half hearted not knowing the job opportunities in the field. The journey of the B Ed program not only educated me but also helped me find my identity. After B Ed special education my mentor at HACSE motivated me to complete M Ed in special education. Today I am a proud special educator, confident and sorted. I am working at CSED (one of the best special schools in India). I am thankful to my teachers at HACSE who gave us knowledge, skills and attitude...but am thankful for the time they gave each one of us. As alumni, we are still in touch with them and when we need guidance or a second opinion, we simply call these teachers. I thank each of the teachers for running extra miles to be able to run a perfect B Ed program which imparts fun learning in a structured way.

Chitra Sonavane

Special Educator, CSED, Mumbai