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Our Founder

Late Shri HashuAdvani was born on February 22, 1926 at Hyderabad, Sind (now in Pakistan).

Sind was the worst suffered by partition of the country in 1947. Hashu stayed back to help the people of Sindh to migrate. Three or four times he visited India. In 1948 he came to Bombay and continued his studies for B.A, B.COM. and L.L.B. along with social activities.

Here was a young man of hardly 25 years who had given up warmth of his home and comforts of life for the cause of society. In 1952, during post partition days, sindhis who migrated from Pakistan,lived in old military barracks of Chembur refugee camp. In Chembur he started assisting and guiding people for rehabilitation, writing applications, representing them for accommodation, jobs, claims for properties left in Pakistan and several such things, from early morning till late in the night people used to come to him. He was their friend and guide. This work and became integral part right from his student days till the last days of his life. All through his life, during the work, his daily necessities like eating and sleeping were of least significance to him.

In order to work for rehabilitation of people, he preferred to have some platform. So, In 1953, he launched Organization ’Chembur Colony Yuvak Mandal’ which was registered in 1956. It has a very humble beginning. Its first office premises was a small rented hut on the main road of Chembur colony opposite the Golf club. Today this organization has huge buildings with several activities including Rochiram T Thadani High School for Hearing Handicapped, HashuAdvani College of Special Education, Anil Asrani Vocational Training Institute, College Students Reading Room, Aakar Health Centre & Vivekanand Yoga Kendra etc.

In 1961 for the first time he contested election for Bombay Municipal Corporation. He got elected with thumping majority from the Chembur Constituency, where he had made his residence, 120 sq.ft.room at 3/84 Chembur colony for maximum period of his life. The room has one chair & table for desk work and chatai, a sheet & pillow for sleeping.

In public life, he was generously applauded by everyone including his political rivals for his spotless clean character. In 1962 he entered into education field by starting, Vivekanand Education Society (again a humble beginning) which runs several Schools, colleges and have many buildings and complexes with 24 institutes and over 18000 students. In 1967 he got elected as MLA. He was first Jana Sangh Member and first Sindhi to be an MLA from Bombay. Five times he got elected to Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and twice he became minister.

He worked selflessly till last breath of his life in service of humanity.