Developing a nation is synonymous to developing classroom teachers. With this philosophical base CCYM’s Hashu Advani College of Special Education ( has been undertaking various activities related to human resource development in the field of special education for almost 2 decades. The prime focus of the activities of the college is empowering school education for children with disability. Two of the courses that CCYM’s HACSE offers are B.Ed (Special Education - Hearing Impairment) and B Ed (Special Education - Learning Disability) which are affiliated to University of Mumbai and are recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) . CCYM’s HACSE functions under the management of reputed Chembur Colony Yuvak Mandal ( which is established in 1956 by Shri.Hashu Advani and works in the various areas of health and education. CCYM HACSE is the first college of special education in India to be accredited by NAAC (Grade ’B’). It is also one of the very few colleges of special education which has been listed under the category of 2 (f) 12 (B) of the University Grant Commission (UGC). Thanks for visiting our college website - hope you are with us in our mission to create inclusive society for the persons with disabilities.

Our Vision

In order to move towards a right based, inclusive and diversity friendly society, CCYM’s Hashu Advani College of Special Education remains committed to develop and empower the manpower in the field of special education which would work towards facilitating age appropriate and joyful education of individuals with special needs in mainstream, special and open education.

Our Mission

Our Objectives

Our Values

  • To be able to keep activities in tune with values of regulatory bodies: Chembur Colony Yuvak Mandal, Rehabilitation Council of India, Mumbai University, Department of Higher Education (Government of Maharashtra) and University Grant Commission.
  • To provide manpower development services to all the enrolled candidates (of short term and long terms training programs) and beneficiaries irrespective of religion, caste, class, language, abilities, background and other such diversifying factors.
  • To facilitate learning of all options, strategies, methods of reaching education to children with disabilities without bringing in personal likes and dislikes so that the professionals can select and use the appropriate ones on a rather case by case basis.
  • To look for collaborative and cooperative options in fulfilling objectives rather than the competitive ones. Running together always matters, running faster may not.
  • To believe in continuous learning and reflecting upon for becoming better teachers and better human beings.

Proactive Disclosures

CCYM’s HACSE, one of the RCI recognized colleges makes following Proactive Disclosures under Section 4 (1) (b) of RTI, 2005 as per the guidelines provided by the Department of Revenue and Department of Higher Education.

  • Organizations’ details, functions and duties have been given on the website Following documents can be accessed at college office on any working day between 11.00 to 1.00 with prior appointment.
  • Powers and duties
  • Decision making, supervision, accessibility
  • Normas for discharge of functioning
  • Rules, regulations, instructions and manuals
  • Categories of the documents
  • Arrangements for consultation
  • Boards, councils and committees
  • Directory of officers and employees
  • Monthly remuneration
  • Budget, expenditure and disbursement
  • Execution of subsidy programs
  • Recipients of concessions
  • Above said information in a reduced electronic form
  • Particulars of obtaining information
  • Details of PIO
  • Other related information